IoT Web Application


In large-space offices and large-scale factories, it is difficult to know where employees are at all times. Especially in the event of an emergency, it was difficult to quickly grasp the location of employees, their travel routes, and information on when and where something occurred, making it difficult to provide appropriate instructions.


AI cameras can be deployed in offices and factories to authenticate employees.

Also, the location information of employees who can be authenticated can be shared by linking AI cameras and IoT applications. Web application provides user functionality.


  • AI Camera Registration, Connection and Settings Management
  • Employee image registration
  • Employee radar function
    • Location search
    • Mobile route search
  • Image recognition results report

4 months

2 Developer

・ Language: JavaScript, Python
・ Framework: Reactjs, Nodejs
・Cloud: AWS

GitHub, Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket


・Architecture proposal  

・UI/UX Design

・Development, Deployment

・Testing, Bug Fixing, Maintenance



Web Application

Time & Material